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Alfa Medical
14 Bond St
Great Neck NY 11021
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Pelton Crane OCM Omniclave autoclave and sterilizer


  Chamber size7"dia x 14" deep 
  Outside dimensions  15" W x 18" D x 13" H 
 Standard voltage 110V

Parts for Pelton and Crane sterilizer
Door gasket for OCM
Door Gasket for OCR

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Here is what is being done to this sterilizer before it is being shipped to you:

   Replace all three heaters
   Replace filter
   Install New Gasket
   Rewire the entire sterilizer with temperature sensitive wire
   Upgrade to a larger reservoir
   Install New Temperature and Pressure Gauges
   Calibrate for more accurate temperature & pressure reading
   Install 'Over Pressure' Safety Valve
   Upgrade to our Automatic Shut Off System
  Upgrade to our Automatic Venting System
  Upgrade and strengthen the chamber.


One year warranty for parts and labor.  (except door gasket, filter & freight)

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P.S. Here are the instructions on how to run this sterilizer. Unbelievably simple..

OCM / OCR Operation Manual

1. Place unit on a leveled surface. This will allow the chamber to fill with the right amount of water.

2. Fill reservoir 2 inches from top with distilled water.

3. Plug sterilizer into grounded outlet.

4. Put instruments on tray and into chamber.

5. While door open, turn bottom switch to 'fill' position, and leave at that position for about 50 seconds, until water reaches the front rim of the chamber. Please be sure timer is set on zero. *Note: Unit will not fill if timer is not on the off position*.

6. Close door.

7. Make sure the middle knob is turned all the way clockwise. This will ensure 270f.
By turning the middle knob counterclockwise...you will be reducing the temperature.

8. Turn timer to 15 minutes + appropriate time (look at table below). *Note: Timer will buzz for 20 seconds when turned on.*

9. Turn the bottom switch to 'sterilize' position.

10. Both red & orange light will come on.

11. At end of cycle, the timer and both orange & red lights will be turned off and the pressure will be vented automatically.

12. When pressure gauge shows 'zero', you may open the door.

13. If you want the instruments to be dryer than they are...leave the door slightly open, and turn the bottom switch to vent position and set the timer to 10-15 minutes.

* Important notice - Please do not attempt to adjust the front legs. They have been intentionally set this way*.

General Guidelines*

Unwrapped instruments..........121c 250f 15psi 15min
132c 270f 30psi 3min

Lightly wrapped.......................121c 250f 15psi 20min
132c 270f 30psi 9min

Heavily wrapped...................... 121c 250f 15psi 25min
132c 270f 30psi 11min



For assistance call 1-800-801-9934 and ask for ...
Andy, Andrea, Danny
Shlomo or Chuck.